Monday, August 15, 2011

Bathsheba Transatlantic Reviewed!

I am preparing myself to return to Tel Aviv after being in Manhattan for two months. I am looking forward to a warm sea and the return of long walks with my dog. Friends tell me much is the same (isn't it always?) though the recent demonstrations against the government have caused even our neighborhood to question behavior, curbing back on spending, avoiding expensive restaurants. Though it's unclear whether it's genuine psychic discomfort or evasion. I suppose we'll see if politicians and policies change once the demonstrations die down as they already are, and, more importantly, once new elections are held.

But I had welcome news while I was packing--the wonderful literary magazine The Cafe Review included a lovely thoughtful review of Bathsheba Transatlantic in its Summer 2011 issue. I am so grateful and pleased. The Cafe Review includes some amazing writers and artists, and is always a beautiful compilation. I recommend taking a gander online and subscribing if you can. It's well worth it.

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